How To Start A Blog

Are you finding a way on how to start a blog or do you want to go into blogging?

Having a blog can be a lot of fun when set up and done in the right way.

Most people use blogs as a hobby to write about their life story and personal experience, while others use it to make money for themselves and build a passive income.

Blogging is highly profitable and it helps to build your influence as a marketer. For you to have an audience using a blog you have to be a good communicator and also have a large following.

When you have a blog or you are getting started with a blog, you don’t need to be in a hurry to increase your audience but take things in a gradual process.

In this post, I will be talking about how to create a profitable blog from scratch.

Steps to create your first blog

1. Get a domain name

How to start a blog
The very first step to starting a blog is to get a domain name. The domain name of your blog is very important because that is the address of your blog.

When someone want to visit you at home, the person has to know your address. This the same with your blog address which is your domain name.

Your domain name must have an extension like .com,.net or .org.

How do you search for a good domain name?

You can go to, and search for a domain name that suites you.

Got to the search box on the site and type in a keyword you want for your domain name.

Once you have selected the one you want, you can pay for it. A domain name could range from $8 to $12.

2. Get a hosting platform

how to start a blog
A hosting platform is where your website or blog is being hosted. Without a hosting platform there is no way your website can be seen.

Once someone types your domain name, it is the hosting platform that brings up your domain name to be seen on the world wide web.

The hosting platform is the server that host your domain online and all your documents and pages, so that anyone who searches for your website can be able to see it. Here is the process to getting a hosting platform using bluehost.

Get to

how to start a blog

Select a plan. You should start from the basic plan.

how to start a blogNext, you type in your domain name you want to use for your site. One great thing about bluehost is that they offer a free domain name.

how to start a blog

Fill in your billing details by creating your account.

how to start a blog

The last option is to select your package and you are ready to create your first blog using a free domain name.

how to start a blog

There are different hosting platform online which you can actually use to host your blog online.

You can host your blog on a hosting platform like Namecheap, Godaddy etc.

Bluehost is preferable because is cheaper and they give a free domain name of your choice.

To get a good domain name click here to get started with bluehost.

3. Install WordPress

How to start a blog
It is very vital you install WordPress on your domain name.

Though there are many types of CMS platform you can use like joomal, but WordPress is very easy to install and easy to use.

Its interface is easy to navigate and to explore that it helps you organise and build your website in such a way that it looks attractive.

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4. Choose a good design theme template

How to start a blog
Having a good theme for your blog can increase traffic and also increase the reading retention time of your audience.

Also, a theme makes you confident on what you are posting.

One thing you must also know about having a good design theme for your blog is that it helps you with the navigation of how to set up your blog content and pages.

There are different types of themes you can use. the wordpress platform offers free themes you can choose from to build your blog.

There are paid themes too and you can get them from

4. Install WordPress plugins

How to start a blog
Now as important as your domain and hosting so, also is the plugins install in your website.

Plugins help to stabilize and keep your website free from virus, harm and also hackers.

Your website can be organised and maintained by the plugins your install.

Types of plugins

  1. Askimit: This protects your blog fro hackers and virus.
  2. Yoast Seo: this helps in optimizing your content for seo and search engines.
  3. XML site map: This gives you access for the search console to index your website pages and posts.
  4. Smush: This helps to optimize your images and reduces it to avoid your website from loading slowly.
  5. Wp Fastest Cache: This helps your site to load faster when types on the address box.

There are lots more important plugins you can install to your website.

5. Write your first post

How to start a blog
After you must have installed your plugins, you need to write your first post and publish it.

Your post is an article that people read when the come to your blog.

When writing a post you must recognize that you are writing and giving value to your audience.

First, you write a good title, then a good post.

Make sure that your article should be seo optimize such as placing your keywords you are optimizing for inside your article.

It should also be in your title and header sub title.

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